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Welcome to ABI Consultants!

Appraising Business Improvements – ABI Consultants is a CMMI Institute Partner organization, authorized to deliver the CMMI* Products services worldwide. ABI provides CMMI training, Gap Analysis (“Quick Look”) and CMMI V2.0 Appraisals (Evaluation, Benchmark, and Sustainment).  ABI conducts process improvement appraisals utilizing the appropriate model for your organization to obtain your business goals.


Our Solutions

We provide appraisal services to measure your organization’s capability level or maturity level to perform business/software processes to ensure your business goals are obtained. We have experience with large multi-national corporations as well as very small companies. We are product-oriented and ready to serve you. We specialize in first-time baseline appraisals for both small and large organizations. We utilize current technologies to capture, collaborate and communication effectively with your company, reducing travel cost and consulting fees.